Fixing a Maytag Neptune Gas Dryer that isn’t Drying

Posted: November 3, 2016 by admin

My Maytag dryer recently stopped fully drying.  We called the repairman and unfortunately, the earliest he could come was 10 days from the time I called him. We had already been hanging our clothes for days and I had had enough.  So I took matters into my own hands to fix the dryer myself.

 Something about dealing with both gas and electricity didn’t seem wise, but hey, that’s why they have YouTube.  This was an incredibly helpful video.

I also learned that the most common problem for Maytag gas drivers are when two gas solenoid valves stop functioning.  They look like this:

Basically, when they stop functioning, the ignition coil does not get hot enough and the gas does not ignite.  The unfortunate result is that the dryer simply does not produce heat and obviously your clothes remain wet.

The beautiful thing is that they can be purchased on Amazon for around $10.  You can buy them here.  It’s even more amazing how easy they are to replace.

Obviously, make sure you turn off the gas valve and unplug the dryer from the wall.

Good luck!

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